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Very poor business practices

By: non-member | February 6, 2016

SP Interiors took my order for blinds on July 20, 2015 along with a 50% deposit. The invoice indicated delivery would be approximately 6 weeks. The first appointment for installation was scheduled for Oct 17 (approx. 12 weeks after expected delivery date). Brent (installer) cancelled appointment. Nov 3 appointment scheduled and cancelled by Brent. Nov 18 appointment scheduled and cancelled by Brent. Nov 25, Brent arrived for 10 am appoint., drilled holes in window casings and installed clips for blinds, said he would return at 2:00 pm with blinds - cancelled 2:00 pm appointment. Dec 20, emailed a visa "refund" for the deposit. Visa did not receive the funding for this refund until late January. No blinds were ever installed. Brent refused to provide any documentation indicating he had ordered the blinds. Customer service at Hunter Douglas were unable to identify my order by address or by product in the SP Interior orders with them. On Jan 25, 2016, Brent verbally...


Very knowledgable and highly recommended

By: Debbie99 | January 27, 2016

I just wanted to thank Tim from Universal Blinds who came out and spent quite a lot of time helping me with fabrics/colours and decisions about blinds vs drapes. I have spent quite a lot of money with Universal Blinds because I was so confident with Tim’s recommendations. He was professional, easy to work with and very knowledgeable.
I still have quite a few window coverings I need to purchase as we are renovating a large older home and I won’t think twice about using Tim again. I have a lot of friends renovating at the moment and I have told them as well

Universal Blinds

Universal Blinds 601 - 1550 W. 10th Ave Vancouver, BC

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Designer extraordinaire!

By: nyaa15 | August 25, 2015

Absolutely outstanding! Selina of K3 Design is indeed a Designer extraordinaire. She goes far and beyond to create the desired outcome for each project leaving the clients wowed every time. Some of the projects include: Home Staging, Remodeling & Window Couture. The care and attention she gives each project makes her such a delight to work with, from concept to finish.
I highly recommend Selina & K3 Design for all design or remodeling projects either commercial or residential.
The customer service so far compares to none in the industry in the city.

K3 Design

1460 Chevrier Blvd Winnipeg, MB

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By: williamb | August 19, 2013

Found identical furniture at a competitor for about $3,000.00 less than what we had ordered and we advised Sagers of this within about 2 working days of placing our order. Unfortunately they stated that they could not cancel it as it was already in production. Their sales person asked if we were willing to meet half way on the $3,000.00 for a $1,500.00 discount. We agreed and did not hear anything back from them so we took them at their word. It was a month or more later when our furniture arrived that I called and asked about the discount when I was about to pay the balance with our Visa and were told that the manager had put a gag order on his employees for them not to talk to us and that we were not getting any discount. There was not much we could do so we obviously paid and also filed a complaint with the BBB which they registered as being valid and is on the BBB site.
This is not a company that I would recommend dealing with as they can not be believed as well as the...


Sager's Fine Furniture

1802 Government St Victoria, BC

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By: yellowbear | March 12, 2010

I know what I like and what I don't when it comes to my house, but I couldn't put the things together. MeCC Interiors took what I said I wanted and expanded on it. My home is... WoW! I love it!! It is 100% me and the way I want to live in a way I never could have done it on my own. Thank you for a fabulous job!

Disaster, disaster, disaster.

By: expectations | February 27, 2010

We just had our house painted by Suzanne and her team. They had to come back and fix something in every room, and by fix I don't mean just a touch up. From wrong type of paint used, to missed spots, rushed jobs, no attention to detail, drips, drops, you name it... there was something wrong everywhere. Although it was made satisfactorily in the end, it was a far cry from the images presented on their web site.

Great decorating ideas, but that's where the professionalism, attention to detail and quality ended.

Wouldn't even use their services again if they were given to me for free.